SafeSpot is designed to help you through tough spots

SafeSpot gives you your own personalized coping plan, useful strategies and tools to help and directions to local resources to help you -- all at your fingertips.

SafeSpot has 3 aspects:

  • 1. The Quirky and Cool SafeSpot App
  • 2. SafeSpot website
  • 3. SafeSpot Curriculum

Together these aspects of SafeSpot will aim to equip young people with all the information, advice and access to services that they need to manage their own mental health and deal with any challenges that life may throw at them.

SafeSpot has involved young people throughout the design and development of the app, website and curriculum.


Dr. Mallika

CAMHS Consultant

Dr Mallika Punukollu MBBS, MRCGP MRCPsych with CCT in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

With SafeSpot you're in safe hands!

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